Transparent? A legal office?!

We don’t just think transparency is a possibility, we know it’s a necessity. And that’s why we speak like normal people instead of using baffling legal jargon. You’ll be told the honest truth about your situation because, after all, your business is our business. There’s no need to make things any more complicated than that.

But we do make it easier. You don’t pay us by the hour. Instead, we agree with you on a fair, all-inclusive price before we start. This way you know exactly where you stand financially. And you won’t need to worry about outrageous bills just because you’ve called us a few times.

Why can’t your lawyer be your business partner too?

Nardis is a company like any other. We know the world you live in. You can be sure we love our job. And that we always give a wholehearted performance; our workday is only over when your questions have been answered.
What puts smiles on our faces? The law. And we mean this in the broadest sense. Our lawyers don’t limit themselves to one area of expertise, but have worked hard to make sure they’re at home in any market. We put all this knowledge together to ensure you receive the best service possible. How do you take advantage of it? Give us a call.

May we give you some good advice?

Giving good advice is what we like to do. Day in, day out. It’s how we help you to make the right decisions. Whenever there’s a better option, we avoid legal procedures.

So feel free to fire your questions at us. The big ones as well as the little ones. Look at us as your own legal service: always in the neighbourhood, always ready to help. We never leave your side.

Responsible business

You don’t run a business in a vacuum. At Nardis, we are aware that we have responsibilities outside our own offices. That’s why a part of our proceeds goes to support the non-profit organisation Vlinderkindje.